Student Selection Process

Telephonic Interview

After receiving the applications from the students, a telephonic call is made to collect the basic details of the students. If the students apply by giving a missed call, we reach out to the student to collect the data.

Data including student background, parentless/single parented status, city, academic scores and other basic information are collected.

Academic Scores Verification

Students who have scores 60% and above are only eligible for the scholarship.

The data is verified by collecting mark sheet copies from the student. 

The original mark sheet is verified.

School Verification

The applicant should be from Government or Government aided or Corporation schools or any Free Schools in Chennai. 


Student Interview

A two round student interview is conducted.

The first round of the interview is done by Volunteers.

The second round is done by Team Everest.

Parent/Relative Interview

Student’s father/mother/relative is interviewed.

The terms of the scholarship are explained in detail to the parents/relatives.

Details given through telephonic interview are validated.


Home Visit 

Every student’s home is visited for verification by volunteers.

The details about the house and economic background of the student is assed and documented.

Skill Test

Every student is administered a basic skill assessment test.

The test covers these subjects - Tamil, English and Maths.

The student scores are considered for selection.

Student Commitment

All the terms of the scholarship are explained to the student including financial assistance, skill training, internships and volunteering activities.

The students are asked if they would be able to commit to attending all the trainings provided.