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Team Everest - I am the Change Scholarship

Team Everest identifies deserving students and sponsor them for their UG degree.

As part of this scholarship, we provide financial assistance, training, internship and job opportunities for our scholars.


Team Everest has sponsored 2700 students in 7 years!

Who can apply for Scholarship?

Students who passed 12th with more than 65%.

Students who are from financially poor families.

Students should have completed 12th grade in any school in Chennai, Coimbatore, or Madurai.

Students should be ready to do their college education in Chennai, or Coimbatore, or Madurai.

Higher preference is given to Parentless, Single Parented students, First graduates.

Higher preference is given to Govt, Govt Aided Schools & low-cost private schools.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Parentless students

Single parented students

Low-income family students

What do students get?

Financial Support

Financial assistance up to Rs 30,000 per year.

Skill Development

100+ hours of Skill development training every year.

Internship Opportunities

Internship with Corporate and Startups.

Job Opportunities

Facilitating Job Opportunities for final year students.

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How do we select Students ?
​It is an 8 step verification process

Eligibility Check

Mark Verification

Skill Assessment

Student Interview

Parent Interview

Home Visit

Student Commitment

Final Interview

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Life Changing Scholarship

When Monisha was studying, she had to sell her Mom's earrings to pay exam fees. But today, she is an IT professional. Like Monisha, the 'I am the Change' scholarship has transformed many students' lives.

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Training for Students

It's not just about Scholarship. It's taking ownership of the overall development of the student.

We train our students in Spoken English, Soft Skills, Problem-Solving skills, and all other crucial Career Skills. We do it to ensure all our students become employable when they finish graduation. Every student undergoes 100+ hours of skill development training every year till they complete graduation.

Due to the Covid situation, we are currently doing all our training programs over the phone.

Watch how we help our students to become employable through our 'First Penguin Club' initiative.

Our Partners

We have corporates supporting our Scholarship Program currently. Apart from financial contributions, these corporates also provide mentoring support and free training program for our Scholars through their Employee Engagement Program.

Testimonial by our Students!

Sivayogam, Chennai, 2017 Team Everest Scholar

Without Team Everest scholarship, my family would have got into a huge debt to make me finish college. This scholarship saved me and my family from all such stress and burden. Now, I am a graduate and an employee in a top MNC. 

Varsha, Chennai, 2016 Team Everest Scholar

My mom and Dad worked as a coolie and helped me complete school. Joining me in college was very difficult for them. Luckily, I got Team Everest scholarship and completed my graduation. Now, I am working in TCS and I owe this personal success of mine to Team Everest.

Aishwarya, Coimbatore, 2020 Team Everest Scholar

My dad left the family, and mom is mentally challenged. Grandparents are my guardians. My grandparents compromise their medical expenses to give me education. Somehow, I completed school. Joining college looked like a faraway dream. Team Everest scholarship changed everything for me. Now, I am doing my first year of graduation.

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