Student Benefits

Financial Support

The Scholar will get a maximum of Rs. 30,000 per year towards their college fee.


Additionally, training programs worth Rs 10,000 will be provided to every student.


If the fees is less than Rs. 30,000, the actual college fee amount will be paid.

The scholarship amount is inclusive of Book fees, Transportation fees, Hostel fees, Mess fees, Exam fees.

Skill Development

100 hours of skill development classes are provided every year.

Students will be benefitting from 3 hours of classes for 20 Sundays in a year.

80 sessions of telephonic classes will also be taken every year.


Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities with corporate and startups.

The students will be provided an opportunity to intern with corporate during summer for 30 days.

The students would be required to clear any tests required by the corporate to be part of the internship.

Volunteering Opportunities

We encourage students to volunteer for various causes.

We identify and provide them opportunities where they can volunteer.