Scholar Stories

B.Sc Computer Science II Year

Ragul has an elder brother of 22 years old, with a 2-year-old child's brain. It is Ragul who takes care of his brother's needs!


His father owned a laboratory, and their life was manageable until he was alive. After his death, they had to sell the lab to repay the debts he had borrowed. Even after selling their only property, they still cannot repay their entire debts.


His mother works as a lab technician, and her income is only sufficient to pay interest to the debts. So, Ragul works part-time to feed his mom and brother.


He takes tuition every day from 5 am to 7 am, goes to college, and works in a pharmacy for 6 hours, leaving the shop by 11.30 pm every day. He sleeps only for 4 hours a day for the past 4 years.


Ragul's college fees are supported by 'I am the Change' scholarship of Team Everest NGO.

Suriya Prabha

Suriya Prabha's father was running a small cloth ironing shop. Unexpectedly, an accident ended his life. Suriya lost her father even before she could recognize his face at the age of three.


With Suriya and another newborn baby, her mother had no choice but to take up her husband's job. Whenever she irons any kid's school uniform, she imagines her children in those clothes.

Every day, she lifted the hot and heavy iron box to help her children go to school and experience the fortune of owning a school bag.


She has been ironing clothes for the past 15 years now!


Suriya Prabha avoids seeing her mother's hands because the wounds in her hands break her heart every time!


Both Suriya and his brother are in College now. Suriya's graduation is sponsored by Team Everest through their 'I am the Change' Scholarship program.

Kowsalya II Year

Kowsalya grew up watching her mom work more than 10 hours a day. Her mother screaming on the roadsides to sell flowers are her only childhood memories!


Kowsalya lost her father in a battle with his alcohol addiction. From then on, her mother was her only support.


After 12th std, in her holidays, when she could no longer bear the sight of her mother struggling. She started working part-time in a supermarket to reduce her burden.


Kowsalya wants to be a bank manager and dreams of building a home for her mother. She is currently doing her 2nd-year while continuing her part-time job as well.


Team Everest NGO supports her college education through their ‘I am the Change’ Scholarship program.


Her dad's death, seeing her mom fall into depression, the poverty - None of these could stop Pavithra from pursuing education!


Her dad was running a small tailor shop. Even with lesser money, they were leading a happier life than anybody. Suddenly, a stroke stormed into their life and took away her father's life. All the dreams of Pavithra met a dead end. They sold the tailor shop to make some money for her education, but that was only sufficient to repay all their debts!


Her mother was depressed and was going through mental trauma. She started selling flowers on roadsides, to send Pavithra to School.


Pavithra, too, did not disappoint her, as she went on to score more than 95% in both 10th and 12th std. 

Pavithra is in College doing her BBA with a scholarship from Team Everest NGO.

Hasina Begum II Year

To see his children as graduates were the only dream of Hasina's father. He was working as a cook in Dubai. He left his family and went there to work only to give quality education for his children.


Hasina kept asking her dad when he would return. After many years, when her father finally told her that he is coming home tomorrow, Hasina was over the moon!


Hasina's much-awaited day came, but her father did not. Her father passed away in a heart attack.

Her father was dead. But not his dream. She wants to become a graduate and fulfill his dream. 


Currently, Hasina is studying B.Com's II Year with Scholarship support from Team Everest NGO.


Ramya's dad died even before she was born, and her mom is a flower seller. Joining a college was beyond her imagination.


Luckily, Ramya's graduation was sponsored by Team Everest NGO, and she is a working professional now.

B.E Mechanical Engineering

From being a son of an Auto driver to be an employee of Accenture soon!


Education has brought this remarkable change in the life of Gunadevan!


Guna's college fees were sponsored by Team Everest NGO. 

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