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​Student FAQ
1. Who are eligible for this Scholarship?
Ans: ‘I am the change scholarship' is for single parented/parentless students in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, who are good at academics, but are financially challenged to pursue graduation.


Students from Chennai who have completed plus-2 in March, 2019  are eligible for this scholarship to join college. The students should have studied Plus-2 in Govt, Govt Aided, 

Corporation, Free Schools and private Schools which charge fees less than Rs 20,000 per year.

2. How much should I score in Plus-2 for scholarship eligibility ?

Ans: You have to score more than 60% in your Plus-2 Exams to be eligible for the Scholarship.

3.Why is the scholarship open only for Students from Chennai?

Ans: 'I am the Change Scholarship' is more than a financial Scholarship program. Apart from the financial assistance of Rs 30,000 we provide every year, we also conduct 100 hours of skill development training through 100 training sessions a year which consists of 20 Classroom training sessions (First Penguin Club) and 80 Telephonic training sessions (Speak Out). 

We also arrange Internship opportunities for students with corporates and startups in Chennai during their summer vacation. The students also need to do voluntary work for 20 hours every year till they finish graduation.

These initiatives can be managed better if students are in a single, thereby fully deriving the benefits of being an Everest scholar. Hence, we have currently opened the Scholarship program only for 'Chennai Students'.

4.Should my location necessarily be Chennai?

Ans: Yes, you should be staying in Chennai as it is mandatory to attend the weekend training program and internship, which are organized in the city.

5.Should the college be in Chennai?

Ans:Yes, the college should be in and around Chennai. Also, the student should be staying in Chennai throughout their graduation to attend the training programs.

6.What is the maximum Scholarship amount that I will get?
Ans: The Scholars will get a maximum of Rs. 30,000 per year. Additionally, Rs 10,000 worth training programs will be provided to every student.
7. What if my fees is Rs 75,000 per year?
Ans: Team Everest will sponsor only up to a maximum of Rs 30,000 per year for every student.
8. Is it only for the tuition fee or my other expenses can also be covered?
Ans: The Scholarship will cover not only the tuition fee but also Book fees, Transportation fees, Hostel fees, Mess fees, Exam fees and Lab fees.
9. Will the fees for the entire course be taken care of by Team Everest NGO?
Ans: Yes, the fees will be taken care by Team Everest NGO (Upto Rs 30,000 per year) until the completion of the graduation, provided the student attends the training program regularly, does not have any arrears and follows the terms & conditions set by Team Everest for it's scholars.
10. Is the scholarship applicable for the students joining medical colleges too?
Ans: Yes, students applying for any of the professional degree in Arts & Science, Engineering, Medicine and Law can apply for the scholarship. Though the amount of Scholarship will be the same for all i.e., up to Rs. 30,000 per year.
11. I have both my parents. But unable to pay the college fees. Can I get scholarship ?
Ans: No. You are not eligible for this Scholarship. This Scholarship is exclusively for Parentless & Single Parented student.
12. What do the training programs cover?
Ans: We cover all topics which are required for the students to become employable. Some of the areas that we cover in the training program are Communication skills, Spoken & Written English, Problem Solving, Aptitude, Interview Skills and other Soft skills.
13. When and where does these training program happen?
Ans: These training programs happen usually on Sunday morning from 10AM to 1 PM in various centers across Chennai. 
14. How many training classes should I attend a year?

Ans: There will be a minimum of ten mandatory training sessions per semester which makes it 20 sessions per year.


15. Is it mandatory to attend training programs?

Ans: Yes it is mandatory to attend the training program. We take our training program attendance very seriously. If a student is not attending the training program on a regular basis, we will stop sponsoring the student.

16. When do you offer Internship?

Ans: We partner with various Corporates and Startups to provide internship opportunities for our Scholars during Summer Vacation (May). Optional internship opportunities during other months are also available. 

17. If I get selected for the scholarship, how many hours do I need to volunteer ?

Ans: On being selected, you need to commit to a minimum of 20 Hours of volunteering a year and participate in at least 5 events.

​Donor FAQ
1. How do you select the scholars?

Ans: From the list of applications received, Team Everest will shortlist the students based on various criteria. Please read our Student selection process here.

2. On what basis students are selected for the scholarship ?

Ans: Please check our eligibility criteria here

3.How much does it cost to sponsor one student?

Ans: It costs us Rs. 40,000 per student per year. We give up to Rs 30,000 to student to cover the college fees, Book fees, transportation fees, Hostel fees, Mess fees, exam fee and lab fees. Rs 10,000 is used to provide 100 hours of training per year for the student so that they become employable by end of their graduation program.

4. What is the amount to help one student graduate?

Ans: The total amount to make one student graduate is 1.2 Lakhs.

5. Can I just donate any amount I can or need to commit for a year?
Ans: You can donate any amount of your choice. You have the option to make one time donation, monthly donation or a yearly donation too.

A donor can either donate the full graduation fees of Rs 1,20,000 as one time donation or yearly fees of Rs 40,000 per year as or choose to donate any amount of their choice.

Click here to donate now. For monthly donation, please email us to info@teameverest.ngo

 6. Will I get tax exemption for my donation?
Ans:Yes, if you pay in INR, all the donations to Team Everest are Tax exempted under 80G. If you pay in any other currency other than INR, we cannot issue a tax exemption. Click here to donate now.
7.Can I donate from non Indian bank accounts?
Ans: Yes, you can donate from Non-Indian bank accounts. Click here to donate.
8. Will I be able to meet the student whom I am sponsoring?
Ans: Yes, you will be able to meet student whom you are sponsoring, or we will also arrange Phone calls, Video calls for the Student-Donor interaction.

We wish to take Donor-Student relationship to Mentor-Student relationship. 
9. Is there any way to help these students apart from donating ?
Ans: There are many ways to help these students. Some of the ways you can be involved are mentioned below:

- Be a volunteer to train them in Soft Skills on weekends.

- Volunteer for our Tele-Volunteering initiative, 'Speak Out' to help them improve their communication skills on a daily basis.

- Refer a Corporate to provide space to conduct Training classes.

- Refer our scholars for internship opportunities

10. Are the students already selected or can I refer a student?
Ans:We are still in process of shortlisting the students for this year. We have already got 700 applications. You are free to refer students who fall under our eligibility criterion.  Please ask the student whom you want to refer to apply for Scholarship as per the instructions given here.


​Corporate FAQ
1.Can Corporates be involved in volunteering for the scholarship program?
Ans: Yes there are various options for volunteer engagement as given below:

- Volunteer to train scholars in Soft Skills on weekends.
- Be a part of our Tele-Volunteering initiative, 'Speak Out', to help them improve English language communication on a daily basis.

 - Be a Mentor to the student.


- Help conduct weekend training programs for students in your office campus if the organization is willing to provide a space for 25 students on a sunday.


2. Is the Organization eligible for foreign donations?

Ans: Yes, Team Everest is eligible to receive foreign donations as we have FCRA.

3. Is there any tax exemption for making a donation?

Ans: Yes, all donations to Team Everest are exempted under 80G. We issue 80G tax exemption receipt to corporates for making any donation.

4. Is there any minimum donation amount?

Ans: No. There is no minimum donation amount. The corporate can choose to support 1 or many students too.

5. Can I refer a potential Corporate?

Ans: Yes, you can refer a Corporate by mailing to info@teameverest.ngo along with your contact number. Our team will get back to you soon for a discussion regarding this. Thank you!